Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Lovin'

I put my guests to work!!

Pizza Night!

Rock Climbing

Nascar Racing

After the Bumper Boats - soaked!!

Fun at the Mills Mall.

We told Zevi we were picking up some friends' parents so he was waiting for the "Zeffrens" but really it was Abba. The video is at the end!

We are having a blast with Goldie this summer! We have done some painting, yummy baking, gone to the Science Center, visited with Mordechai, gone to see Toy Story 3 in the theater and then to the Nascar Speed park at the Mills Mall in St Louis.

Goldie has been working hard at camp (while I sit at home eating bon bons-ha). The kids LOVE her!! Today she saw three of her campers at the JCC (we had a personal trainer - why does Golide NEVER hurt afterwards???) and they wanted her to watch them swim. They gave her hugs and kisses and it was soooo cute!

Friday is her last day in camp and then we are off to Chicago for a few days. We are going to visit my cousin Chris (it's even his bday!) and then to see some friends in Skokie. Monday we are planning to see the aquarium in the morning and the Museum of Science and Industry in the afternoon.

This visit is coming to an end (boo hoo) and with it summer. But we still have a few more fun things planned!

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