Saturday, February 26, 2011

OMG...a post!

Ok, ok, ok. I know I am very behind on posting. I will list the highlights for each month. Alas, there are no photos because a) my computer crashed and I lost all my info and photos and b) now my computer won't read my media card. (I have to send the whole computer back to Dell but I can't seem to find a good 2 weeks when I won't miss the Pink Lady!)

So here we go:
  • Zevi started back to school
  • We got a bird. A very cute green cheeked conure named Sprinkles. On Shabbos we called him Shprintze.

  • Thought Mordechai would be retired early (July 2011). Panic hit!
  • Mordechai came home for Rosh Hashana and Sukkos.

  • Mordechai left again. This time he went to New Orleans.
  • I stepped on Sprinkles while doing a hair cut and he died. The next day we got a new bird. Also a green cheeked conure. Zevi named the bird Sprinkles again but this one is a girl. How do I know you may ask? Come visit and you will see...unfortunately, no one but a girl could be this high maintenance!!

  • Zevi turned 8 and had a party at Monkey Joe's.
  • My mom and step-dad came to visit.
  • Zevi and I went to New Orleans to visit Mordechai. We had so much fun!!! Really wish I had the photos from that. Oh well!
  • Mordechai came home for Thanksgiving.

  • Mordechai visited again.

  • Mordechai returned from supporting Operation Deep Water Horizon.
  • I turned the f-word. My friends had a little birthday party for me at someone's house but I was too nervous to really enjoy it since I was catering a dinner that evening for 120 people.

  • Mordechai had his birthday.
  • Goldie Goldman visited and we had soooo much fun!
  • I actually updated my blog. Yay me!!!
  • And we found out the Navy is retaining Mordechai. The Coast Guard has basically returned him to the Navy and he will get new orders soon. He will PCS to the new place (please pray that it is close to here) and Zevi, Sprinkles and I will stay here. Then with G-d's help he will retire on March 1, 2013. Mark your calendars as this will be a blow out party!!!!

This summer we are planning a trip to Israel. Mordechai will only be able to join us for about 2 weeks, but Zevi and I would like to stay for 5. There is not much to do here in St. Louis so we may as well take advantage of time in the Holy Land!!

Whew, the guilt is starting to leave my body. I know you have all been waiting to hear our tale. Now you know. Any one wishing to visit us here, we would love to have you!!!