Sunday, March 28, 2010

On Tuesday
On Tuesday

Goldie love


Hanging the mezzuzahs

The basement

As you go down the stairs

Breakfast nook

Pesach kitchen

Pesach Kitchen

Guest Bathroom

Guest room

Dining room

Front room

Front room

MAZEL TOV! We closed on the house Friday at 3:00 pm. We are now home owners!!! I love this house and neighborhood and community and am sooooo happy! Zevi is a social butterfly...he is rarely home. His friends vary in ages from k'ton ton (5) to 5th graders (10). His favorite little girl in the neighborhood is Esther Malka, Esti. She is this tiny little ball of fire. Apparently, she used to want to marry someone in her class until a "new boy" moved in and now she wants to marry him. He got this cute little look on his face and said he knows who he wants to marry too. They play for HOURS together!

Since his accident, many of his friends have visited. His whole class made him refuah sh'leima cards (get well soon). They even brought him presents. He could not eat for many days since when he chewed, his cheek hurt. So he drank milkshakes and slurpees. Then Wednesday he requested Potato Leek Soup, his favorite. So we made it and he ate several bowls. By the next day he was much better and is up to eating again!!

The Goldmans are coming for Pesach and they sent Goldie early. What a champ! She has been on Zevi duty (He requests her for EVERYTHING. Get ready Avi, you're next!!), lots of KP (kitchen patrol) duty and unfortunately I ran out of time on Friday before the house closing and she had to clean our bathrooms. She wouldn't take any money, but I promised her a pedicure!

We had our first meal here on Shabbos afternoon. It was delightful to be in our own space.

Zevi had a busy Shabbos: a young girl from across the street offered to walk him to the shul we normally go to (the Agudah) and then bring him to the one we were going to for the bar mitzvah (Sha'arei Chesed). Ok, so he went to shul WITHOUT US. Goldie and I went to shul later and he met us there (Mordechai was already there). Then he left with Rafi, a neighbor and his family. We picked him up for lunch (they got a little break!). Zevi left straight after lunch and we only saw him for a few minutes in the afternoon before he went back to shul with a group of older boys. He has a rich and varied social life and we couldn't be happier!!!

We are very excited the Goldmans are arriving today Bezras Hashem. They left last night and are planning to arrive today sometime. Goldie and I are heading to the gym now. We have a heavy schedule for the day!
BTW, we went to Marshall's on Friday and I got the dress!!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Well, I was hoping to be able to share some new photos of the house with everyone this evening. Have you ever heard the expression, "Man plans and God laughs"?
Today started off with a delivery from Sears. The new freezer is here! They "wore" it into the house, got it downstairs, and voila! it works! Amazing.
I ran some errands, went to Scott Air Force Base for some shopping at the Commissary (I feel violated by the outrageous prices at the local grocery store.) Picked up Zevi from school, got his glasses adjusted, dropped him off at home and headed to Marshall's to score some warm and cozy blankets and a mirror for the hall. Lo and behold, I found some cute clothes to try on so I headed to the dressing room. I had just gotten the first adorable dress on when my phone rang. It was Mordechai with a screaming Zevi; he had an accident and was "bleeding badly". 911 had been called so I rushed out of the dressing room and hurried home.
He was COVERED in blood. An ER doc who lives nearby had come to see how he was and the neighborhood was gathered nearby. The nice red University City Fire Department ambulance came screaming up the block. Zevi was crying, clutching his knee, saying over and over, "I am going to die today."
They loaded him up. Scary to see your 7 year old in a spine immobilizer, going into an ambulance. I rode with him and Mordechai followed AGAIN to Children's Hospital. (We were just there a few weeks ago for his chin. He got glue that time.)
Baruch Hashem he was wearing his helmet! He apparently blacked out and can't remember what happened. I called one of the older girls over who had seen what happened. He was riding his bike with his helmet on and he was looking behind him. He hit Mordechai's parked car (and he dented it!) and passed out. He was bleeding pretty badly from his nose and cheek and it looked like there was a big cut on his head. In the end he has a concussion, fluid on his knee and a cut on his cheek that required stitches. He said if either of us takes a photo of him our face will look like his. (His "attitude" remains unchanged by his accident.) It must have been very scary because he kept crying saying he was scared. I asked him what he was scared about and he was convinced he was going to die. BH he is ok, but he refuses to be seen by his friends since he looks so ugly. He has quite a shiner and is totally swollen. He is on crutches with a knee immobilizer. Oh my! What an evening!!! To finish it off, we got all the way home and as we pulled into the driveway, he puked in the backseat of the van! As if we weren't exhausted enough!
So maybe later this week, after Goldie arrives (she is coming early to help me for Pesach cooking, and now Zevi duty!) I will be able to take some photos.
Many friends called to check on us and one even brought us dinner (we got to the ER at 5:45 pm and left at 10:30 pm). Everyone had heard about what happened and was concerned. It felt nice to be so thought of!
So tomorrow is another day and hope it brings a fresh new car smell at the car wash and a boy who feels better!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New House!

The Schwabs on the carriage ride with part of the Arch in the background.

Iceskating at the outdoor rink.

Fun with friends

The Arch as you drive into the city

Here are the teenagers dancing and making merry!

This is "Mordechai" being paraded around (pun intended)!

Zevi and his newest and bestest friend, Binyamin Yehudah. They are 12 days apart!

Ok so I really can't figure this downloading out! This is the living and dining room, from the dining room.

Kitchen 1

View of the dining and living rooms, from the living room.

Outside of the house!

Kitchen 2

The Tefillin Cake

The Princess Cake

I thought blue would be appropriate!

Chocolate at its best!

First of all we went ice skating at an outdoor rink! We made it there the Tuesday before it closed for the season. The kids had a blast!! Then we had Purim here last week and it was sooo fun! Zevi dressed up first as a Cohen Gadol (the costume was too itchy so no photo) and then Army soldier! His friend did as well. There was a parade, complete with Mordechai (not the Rabs) on a horse, a camel and llama (see the story of Esther for more information). It was a lot of fun! At some homes we delivered shaloch manos to, the teenagers came out and danced in the street with Mordechai and Zevi!! Loads of fun! I made yummy challah and even made one like hamentashen.
Next I met this wonderful woman, Donna Zeffren. She is amazing! She works for the website that I have used to teach Zevi for the past 4 years,! She actually designed the booklet that I printed to teach Zevi kesiva (Hebrew script). Yes, we met Aviva Kesiva!! Anyway, I had the zechus to help her a little with her son's bar mitzvah which was this past Shabbos. See the cakes above. It was amazingly fun!! Everyone loved the cakes as well!

Now for the biggest news....we are moving into a house...tomorrow!!! We should close by Pesach , bezras Hashem. So the movers will be here at 8 am and we will be in like Flynn! It is very exciting! All donations should be sent to (hahahaha), I mean our address is

7820 Balson Ave
St Louis, MO 63130

We are going to be wireless (thanks G) so my cell will remain the same.

I finally saw a physical therapist for my back. The ligaments and soft tissue were damaged in my October fall, so not only do I have to go for torture, I mean treatment, 3 times a week, I also have to wear this attractive brace-like belt. But hopefully I will get better soon. No Zumba, walking, running, pilates OR yoga. AGHHHHHH! No stress relief in sight!

Sunday we tried to see the Arch, but it was too long of a wait, so we went on a horse drawn carriage ride, driven by Zevi. He is very taken by the Arch and draws it everywhere! Over Pesach we will make better plans and take the tour.
Mordechai is enjoying his new work environment and funnily enough, Rabs lives on! Sometimes Chaplains are called Chaps so this one guy asked if he could call him Rabs! I laughed so hard!!! It's almost like you are here with us Gia! Anyhoo, he is at a Chaplain's conference this week, so he will come home to box on top of box. The house is great. I see I didn't do it justice; next post I will!

So be in touch and I will post more photos when we are done!