Friday, June 4, 2010

Where to begin?

This was a dessert reception for Rabbi Akiva Tatz at Torah Prep Boy's School

Blueberry Buckle (watch it, Gia)

One of the coolest baseball cakes I've made!

Chocolate cake anyone?

A pretty cake for a pretty girl!

Peaches and Pearls, what more could you ask for?

Summer Fruit Cake

The day after Lag B'Omer the school rented some fun stuff for the kindgergarteners and first graders. I thought is might be fun to jump with ALL 27 KIDS! Hence the beginning of the end for me and my back!

Zevi's friends thought I was soooo cool! (So did Zevi; he kissed me 3 times at school!!! Sweet!)

The community holds a bonfire annually at the Boy's School. FUN!

Zevi and Rafi at the Bonfire.

Making cotton candy for the fun day at school!

The first photo was taken at the beginning of the Annheuser Busch tour. Then we got to the free beer!
Good to the last drop!

Another satisfied customer!

(Don't freak out!! He had one sip...we staged it for effect!)

The Science Center (like most other things in St Louis) is FREE! It was a lot of fun!

Our new pet hamster!

Ok, so we all know I LOVE purple. So I decided to put it on the walls of the kitchen. So I called our handyman, Scott to help me. I asked him REPEATEDLY if I could help paint and was told no. Zevi, a boy, got home from school and was IMMEDIATELY asked if he wanted to help! BTW, it looks stunning!

Our garden in front.

The rocking purple front door!!

Ok, so one of my goals was to be able to "slurp" this blog at the end of the year to have a momento of the year. Whatever!
My mom and Jerry came a week and half after the Goldmans left. We did a little touring of the Arch (yes, again) and the Budweiser Brewery. That proved to be a favorite in this family!
I have done some catering, both paid and just being reimbursed for the food. A few weeks have been very hectic, but I have been told to tone it down.
I had an MRI a week and a half ago and they found that I herniated 2 disks, so now I am banned from all activity and am supposed to take it easy. My doctor (who seems to be a "pusher") gave me Vicadin and Oxycontin. Oh my, I was so high!!! We were at a Sheva Brachos dinner one night and Mordechai threw mints into my mouth FROM ACROSS THE ROOM. I then managed to nap on the hosts' couch before we went home. That was the last day of drugs. Good Lord!! So, Monday I see the Pain Management Specialist and let's all assume I will be given a shot in my back.
To make matters worse, Mordechai also threw his back out. On Memorial Day I called my torturer (translate: physical therapist) to make a house call. I left a message saying, What better way to honor our soldiers and sailors than to help one who has fallen can't get up? What can I say? I am a Jewish mother! Baruch Hashem his magic made Mordechai be able to get up so he could at least make it to the bathroom! Tuesday we went to the ER (Oh a first, not Children's!!) to get medicated. Let me just say we left the house and were back at home in AN HOUR AND A HALF! Go Barnes Jewish Hospital! We had the nicest doctor and he gave the rabs lots of good stuff. Mordechai was able to return to work on Thursday since he does not have herniated disks! We are quite a pair.
Tuesday we leave for Baltimore and Avi's bar mitzvah. We are really looking forward to our visit as well as Kosher Subway!!!!