Thursday, January 28, 2010

Last day at Camp Lejeune

Today was the last day for the kids to play. Ethan and Zevi did that little pre-deployment thing where they fight so the leaving doesn't hurt so much. It was cute! They also buried an airplane together in between our yards. I am sure there is some symbolism there, but I am way too tired to figure it out. Why, you may ask? Well. the scavengers woke me this morning at 6:30 AM!!!!!! I am more than tired.
Now we are in the O Club for the night. The house is empty and echo-y. Here there is TV and internet service!! Woo hoo!!
I want to send a big thanks to some of my friends here at Camp Lejeune: Jill for setting up this blog (and the music as well) and Amy for the support, helping take down the shelves (duh) and the bedding last night. There are no words for what Gia has meant to me and done for my family, so I will just say thanks for EVERYTHING!! Love ya!

We are on our way to Raleigh tomorrow for the impending snow storm. It is also my birthday and moving is a perfect present!

These movers would not be high on my recommend list. Mordechai went back to check the house tonight and found a WHOLE DRAWER OF SILVERWARE they missed. On top of the vases and an expensive mat! Anyway, we have loaded down the car and van. Little nervous about the poundage on the van. Say a little prayer that we are good to go!

Will try to post in a few days, as we continue on our journey.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Proof we have been in North Carolina TOO long...

Moving Day

We are finally out of here! And I'm doing it by myself. Mordechai is "busy" so even though he is in the area, I am all by myself AGAIN.........Just A Day in the Life of a Military Housewife.

We are leaving Camp Lejeune on Friday for a brief hiatus in Raleigh and then off to Louisville ending up in St. Louis next Friday....homeless. I am going to try my hand at blogging so that family and all of our wonderful friends that we have made here at Camp Lejeune can stay abreast of our comings and goings. I will especially miss my neighbor and friend, Gia, who you just have to know. To know her is to love her!

Feel free to check back in for updates as we get adjusted in St. Louis and with the fact that Zevi will be in school! Woo Hoo! There is going to be a party with me and my coffee every morning in my bed starting at 8:45. You can join me if you like. For now, our cell phone numbers will remain the same so keep in touch!